Daniele Tonti – Umbria Aerospace Cluster – President

Daniele Tonti, 33 years old, Chief Strategy Officer of Oma in Foligno, will be the new President of the Umbria Aerospace Cluster, the association promoted by Confindustria Umbria, which has been coordinating us Umbrian companies operating in the aerospace and defence field for twelve years.

The new president was unanimously elected by the assembly of the Cluster’s members who, in addition to the president, also appointed the vice-president and the new board of directors for the three-year period 2021-2024.


Luca Marcaccioli – President of RF Microtech


Luca Marcaccioli on the Board of Directors at the Umbria Aerospace Cluster

And it is with great honour that we inform you that Luca Marcaccioli, President of RF Microtech, has been elected among the Board Members.

Luca, together with other representatives of Umbrian companies of the Cluster appointed in the Board of Directors, will support Daniele in the implementation of the programmatic ideas, already discussed in the first meeting, aimed at promoting the quality and competence of us companies and at expanding and consolidating the supply collaboration relationships with Italian and international customers by:

“…pooling the resources of our companies to overcome this moment and to be ready and competitive once this negative trend has come to an end…”. -Daniele Tonti – Umbria Aerospace Cluster President

Good luck to the whole team and goodbye to Antonio Baldaccini, outgoing President.

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